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For 15 years Diamond Karaoke has been the top provider of karaoke services in the Austin area. You can find us in bars all over town, or we can come do a private party at your location!

You may be asking yourself, "What makes Diamond Karaoke so much better than all the rest?"   Well, we start with high quality microphones that reproduce your voice beautifully, and then we amplify it through our "state of the art" sound systems. Where most folks really notice a difference is in our song books.  We have over 64,000 songs!!!! However, unlike other karaoke companies out there, we mean 64,000 DIFFERENT songs - no duplicates!!! We add new songs daily. Diamond Karaoke also uses only the best karaoke track manufacturers.

If there is a particular song or artist you are interested in that is not on our list, please e-mail us, and we can have it in a matter of days (if it is available).